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Cut & Sew
Fabric cutting

— Fabric Cutting —

Macauto’s fabric cutting departments are equipped with automatic precision cutting machines such as Laser, CNC, and Press. The latest technologies & proprietary techniques allow us to maximize our material utilization and save costs for our clients.

CNC Cutting :

With higher-cost materials, reducing waste is crucial to maximizing profit. Macauto engineers take advantage of CNC cutting machines’ advanced software algorithms to analyze the overall size of the material as well as the shape and number of pieces required, determining the ideal way to rotate and nest the pieces.

  • Optimum utilization
  • Precision cutting
  • Increased productivity and minimum downtime

Press Cutting :

Large CNC Press/die cutting for mass-production orders deliver efficient, high-speed cutting of multiple layers of fabric with a high degree of precision and accuracy for perfectly cut parts.

  • Reduced buffer between cut parts
  • High standards, low reject, and ease of sewing
  • Suitable for pour-in-place technology.

Laser Cutting :

For extreme precision on specialty fabrics & mesh, we use laser cutting machines to cut fabrics into sizes and shapes, as well as cutting complex internal patterns on smaller cutting scales.

  • Clean cuts, and sealed fabric edges with no fraying
  • Very small kerf width and small heat affect zone
  • Extremely high precision and excellent consistency

— Sewing —

Using the latest technology and custom CNC sewing machinery we have the production capability to produce any quantity required. Our team provides fast, quality prototype and production parts to exacting quality standards and specifications.

Craftsmanship :

Macauto’s high-quality automotive interior components require several types of manual sewing techniques. Our team delivers precise, consistent sewing and patterning, supporting you and your clients with tailored solutions for your individual requirements.

  • Long-standing sewing expertise
  • Top-level craftsmanship

CNC Sewing :

With our custom CNC and highly efficient sewing systems we have the production capability to produce any quantity required. CNC high-precision performance and synchronized processes deliver high quality and outstanding results.

  • High productivity
  • Excellent seam quality
  • Constant thread tension

— Welding —

Advanced automotive welding solutions offer smarter design approaches to interior assembly.
With expertise in a complete range of fabric and mesh joining technologies, we’ll choose the best welding solutions based on your needs.

IR welding :

Typically used for assemblies that require high strength or a hermetic seal, IR Welding is exceptionally well-suited for welding high-performance reinforced plastics, which are found in structural components such as those used in lightweight vehicle applications. 

  • No heated tool wear or resin build-up
  • No flash, or plastic sticking to the heated tool
  • Maximum strength of the welded joint
  • High degree of repeat accuracy

Vibration Welding :

Vibration welding is ideal for joining large parts, intricate areas, multi-plane objects and curved surfaces. Macauto’s vibration welders are primarily used in automotive assembly applications such as door trims, door panels, and kinematics. 

  • Power efficient (green machine)
  • Fast weld times
  • No consumables
  • Easy automated production processes

Ultrasonic welding :

When it can be used, ultrasonic welding offers the benefits of speed, Vibration welding is a fairly fast process, the typical cycle time is in the range of 5-10 s, but the speed of ultrasonic welding is much faster, and the typical cycle time is between 1-3 s.

  • Faster weld times(1-3s)
  • Can handle small or fragile parts
  • No consumables
  • Easy automated production processes

— Wrapping —

We have wrapping solutions for all technologies and surfaces, and provide a one-stop solution for interior trim components.

Innovative Solutions

With our knowledge and experience of various fabrics and adhesives along with our expertise in covering complex shapes, we provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions for market differentiation and an enhanced consumer experience. 

Wrapping Capabilities :

  • Press Bonding
  • Manual Wrapping
  • Bladder Wrapping

— Adhesive Lines —

Macauto adhesive assembly lines offer lamination and bonding solutions for more comfortable, durable, sustainable, and innovative vehicle interiors. 

Adhesive Solutions

We partner with the best materials supplier to offer solutions for structural bonding of automotive interior components that meet the needs of market trends, such as the increasing demand for design flexibility, Eco-friendly adhesives, and light weight components. 

  • Solvent
  • Water based