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Luggage Cover

Ergonomic Flap Handle Design

In our effort to develop technical solutions with high added value, we design Luggage Cover handles that provide a more natural and ergonomic experience for our users as well as improved aesthetics.

Unique Material Surface

Macauto has proved it’s capability of collaborating with local suppliers in the development of the most cost efficient materials for our Luggage Cover Systems that typically only European suppliers can provide ensuring that the high requirements of our high-end car customers is not compromised.
  • Unique Release Pattern
  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Superb Color Fastness

Locking Mechanism

The Macauto design allows for smooth operation which combines with the ergonomic flap design to provide an excellent tactile and functional experience for high end vehicles requiring the very best functionality.

Why Macauto?

We relish any challenge and deliver complete solutions:
Design, prototyping, tool construction, injection-molding and stampings, material validation and finishing, and final assembly – all from a single source.
Our processes, from development through to delivery, meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

Materials Science

Local Sourcing

We have the ability to collaborate with local suppliers in the development of the surface materials that feature the exact properties required to function & perform correctly in our high end Luggage Covers. Because we have the capability of producing these high quality materials locally, we can control all the key process variables to safeguard the cost and performance of the finished luggage covers.

In-house tooling development

Our customers demand components with an outstanding look and feel and functional characteristics and we are content in meeting their expectations. To this end, we have proven experience in the development and production of in-house made tooling, from injection molds to complete inspection gauges. This enables us to provide customers with expert advice and assistance in then manufacturing of our products. A ‘state of art’ toolmaking shop and our employees’ unrivalled knowledge and skill ensure we guarantee excellent products.

Technical Textiles

Our advanced materials development and engineering excellence provides solutions for our customers that help build and enhance many of the world’s luxury auto brands. We deliver new flexibility and innovations that effectively communicate a brand’s attributes. This includes rich look-and-feel materials at competitive costs that can handle the most complex designs.

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