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Production & Manufacturing

Expert Mold Design

Keeping complete control of the design and production of molds in-house is critical for our customers. This means we can rapidly move from mold design to production and also accommodate changes and optimizations to products far more efficiently.

At Macauto we have more than 20 years of experience in mold design and manufacturing.

This experience in mold design for sunshade components, in particular, is invaluable and means we can effectively meet our customer’s requirements for all components.


Advanced Moldflow Simulation

We create accurate simulations of the mold flow as a part of the preparation for mass production.
The advanced mold simulations allow us to predict the product outcome during injection molding, the material flow in mold, the warpage and deformation after product forming.

This means we can reduce mold trial time by optimizing the injection molding characteristics prior to prototype mold production.

Mold Toolshop

Our In House molding shop is well equipped with a range of high precision CNC and EDM machines for our team of expert technicians with decades of machining experience.

We machine all of the mold components in the shop, then assemble the molds ready for testing onsite.
We are able to resolve any mold issues which appear during testing rapidly onsite to ensure we meet customers demanding production schedules.

We are also able to rapidly analyze and resolve issues that may arise during forming, such as stickiness, pulling flowers, mechanism movement, flow marks, shrinkage, burrs, and others.

Injection Molding

Our customers demand the highest precision for the molded parts we produce.
Our injection molding shop features a dedicated team of experts using a range of machines from 400-800 tons.

In-house over-molding capability with a specially designed 500-ton over-molding machine allows us to meet the cost-effective production requirements of our customers.