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Net & Pull Strap

Custom, Engineered Solutions
for Modern Vehicles

We work with multiple Tier One and OEM automotive suppliers. Our state of the art facility uses advanced technology and highly skilled craftsman to design and create industry leading net & pull strap assemblies.

  • Cargo Nets
  • Front Trunk Nets
  • Barrier Net Systems
  • Map Pockets
  • Quarter trim Nets

Barrier Net Sytems

Foldable Type for Lightweight and compact size allows for easy storage when not in use.
Single hinge design use two PP plates in the lower area instead of a hinge to reduce weight. View images below
Casette Type for a more asthetic and permanent setup, the casette type offers the same divider functionality as the foldable type and can be customized to fit perfectly with the car model interior.

Cargo Nets

The best cargo nets for cars and trucks are the ones that work for your purposes and last. Organize and contain loose items, keep items in a specific spot with side and floor nets. We provide the durable materials, controlled elasticity, and ergonomics to match your needs.
  • High Elasticity & Durable Outer Belt
  • Durable & Ergonomic webbing
  • Reinforced PA Nylon Hooks
  • Easy to install, demount and carry/ space-efficient

Front Trunk Net

The additional front storage space in electric cars can be an extremely useful compartment, but items will slide around unless held in place. We provide the durable materials, controlled elasticity, and ergonomics to match your needs.
  • Reinforced PA nylon hook
  • High Load Bearing
  • Strong Abrasion Resistance
  • Durable Elastic Webbing

Why Macauto?

We relish any challenge and deliver complete solutions:
Design, prototyping, tool construction, injection-molding and stampings, material validation and finishing, and final assembly – all from a single source.
Our processes, from development through to delivery, meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

High Performance

Materials Development

When developing new divider net systems, the perfect choice and design of materials is a critical component which contributes to the overall quality and cost of the vehicle interior.
Developing new products for many of the luxury brands in the automotive industry, we can control all the key process variables to safeguard the quality and performance of the finished net systems.
As the appearance of the interior of the vehicle affects the perception and satisfaction of the occupants, we at Macauto are continuously developing new advanced materials that meet the look and feel requested by our customers, giving them a competitive edge in the automotive industry.

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