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Quality & Certifications

     Excellence Guaranteed

Our zero defect strategy is key to our success. For us, delivering premium quality means leaving nothing to chance, and never compromising on excellence.


Our business is driven by our experienced workforce and continuous process improvement.

Production Capability

An end-to-end production and management system, based on the Toyota Production System (TPS), ensures total process visibility and smooth production flow – reflected in our high product quality.

Macauto’s quality management system is certified to ISO 14001/IATF 16949.

Capabilities for Internal Validation

Investing in Quality

We are constantly investing in and updating our laboratory equipment to exceed the standard required by our customer specifications. This allows us to preempt market requirements and ensure products and packaging exceed expectations all of the time.

We have four key areas of testing within the laboratory complex which includes Chemical, Colour, Functional, and Noise Testing.

Chemical Testing :

Fogging, Flammability, Infrared / Xenon, Salt Spray, X-ray, Substance Analysis, Ageing, Melt Flow, Viscosity Bath & pH meter.


Colour Testing :

Spectral light Box, Gloss Meter, Spectrophotometer Test


Functional Testing :

Durability in Climatic Conditions (Temperature/Humidity), Electromagnetic Vibration, Abrasion, Fatigue Shaker, Soundproofing, Universal Material Testing Machine, Low Temperature & Low Humidity Simulation Chamber.


Noise Testing :

Noise Room with Permanent Magnet Shaker from 5 to 7500 Hz