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Interior Trim

Interior Trim Products

Macauto manufactures a wide array of interior trims that are used on the world’s leading automobiles. Designed and built to exacting quality standards, our trim parts have the stylish appearance and perfect fit to complement your vehicle. 

  • Door trims
  • Sun Visor Rollo
  • IP Components
  • Center Console
  • Trim Seat Back Assembly
  • Kinematics

Door trims

From simple injection molded to fully wrapped body and door trims, Macauto expertly develops, and manufactures all types of trim products..
Designing modern door trims means finding a perfect balance between controls, comfort, and decorative parts. We use the highest quality materials and a full range of capabilities and advanced processes to enhance interior trims.

Sun Visor Rollo

The sun visor rollo use a retractable roller curtain to cover and protect the vanity mirror. Unlike standard sliding or moving hinge protective panels, this new design allows for a larger mirror dimension, whilst keeping the advantages of the standard slide mechanism.
  • Easy operation - Shutter Type Retraction
  • Optional damper for retraction speed reduction

IP Components

Macauto works closely with future-oriented car manufacturers to fulfill the complex requirements of advanced instrument panels for a unique automotive interior experience.

We will help you consider surface finish, material properties, and the manufacturability characteristics of each part ensuring a smooth validation process.

Center Console

With changing design trends,  ergonomics have become a key focus of center console design.

We partner with leading designers and offer scalable solutions from the choice of materials, to enhanced functionality, taking into account your preferences, ultimately shaping customer perception of quality towards the automotive manufacturer.

Trim Seat Back Assembly

Automotive trim components with superior fit, finish and aesthetic properties are critical to conveying design and brand appeal to the consumer. Working with Macauto you get capabilities you need to stay ahead of the competition and deliver a highly competitive product to the market.


Whether single component or part of a full interior module we handle the production of kinematic modules in-house and offer a wide range of materials combined with our advanced processes for any volume.

Why Macauto?

We relish any challenge and deliver complete solutions:
Design, prototyping, tool construction, injection-molding and stampings, material validation and finishing, and final assembly – all from a single source.
Our processes, from development through to delivery, meet the requirements of the automotive industry.

High Performance

Materials Development

When developing new systems, the perfect choice and design of materials is a critical component which contributes to the overall quality and cost of the vehicle interior.
Developing new products for many of the luxury brands in the automotive industry, we can control all the key process variables to safeguard the quality and performance of the finished net systems.
As the appearance of the interior of the vehicle affects the perception and satisfaction of the occupants, we at Macauto are continuously developing new advanced materials that meet the look and feel requested by our customers, giving them a competitive edge in the automotive industry.

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