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MACAUTO – Automotive interiors EXPO 2018

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Automotive Interiors EXPO 2018
Date: 5-7. June 2018
Venue: Hall 7, Messe Stuttgart, Germany
Booth:  A 7524

Macauto will be participating automotive interiors EXPO 2018, held in 5, 6, 7 June 2018, Hall 7, Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

Our booth no. is A 7524, we sincerely invite you to visit us and looking forward to exchanging information with you in this fair.

Automotive Interiors Expo Europe 2018 Trade Show

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MACAUTO-CSR Policy Update 2017

Dedicated to Social Responsibility

As a global corporate citizen, we are dedicated to developing our corporate social responsibility.

To Macauto, CSR encompasses:

  1. Dedication of the fair trade, prevention of bribery and corruption, and compliance with laws and regulations.
  2. Refusal to human rights violations, forced labor, child labor and human trafficking.
  3. Encouragemnet with freedom of association.
  4. Prohibition of any discrimination.
  5. Providing labors with safe working environment and reasonable renumeration.
  6. Cherishing natural resources, conserving energy and reducing CO2 emmissions, and compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  7. Compliance with ethical codes of conduct and encouragement with exposition of legal and ethical conduct violations.

Board chairman & CEO

Macauto Group



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Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Why did we get it?

Companies today face ever increasing demands for profitability, quality, and technology that contributes to sustainable development. In order to turn these pressures into a competitive advantage, you need to develop an efficient management system tailored to your business processes and use it systematically to maintain and constantly improve your company’s overall performance.

Reliable and Efficient

We understand than when you choose a supplier, it’s important to find one that will be reliable and efficient. At Macauto, the management team focuses time and effort to ensure everyone at the company plays their specific role. This means operations are running smoothly and efficiently and we can continue to bring clients the best, most affordable service.

How does the certification benefit your company?

A company willing to invest the time and effort into maintaining its ISO certification is demonstrating its commitment to a quality management system and offering the best services possible in line with international standards. This also means that a supplier’s compliance will align with that of parts manufacturers around the world, further increasing the odds that you will receive nothing but high-quality products and services.

MACAUTO have passed the IATF 16949:2016 certification

Meet the quality management system requirements in the automotive industry

The IATF 16949:2016 ensures MACAUTO are aligned with its business strategy, to demonstrate the commitment to quality, to achieve sustainable performance improvements, to provide better quality of products and services in a cost effective way.

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Cooperation with Volvo on the SPA car platform 90 series

In 2015 Macauto started cooperation with Volvo on the SPA car platform 90 series.

In order to keep pace with the rapid changes and customer demands in the global market, we not only focus on stable quality, but also all types of advanced technology, in order to deliver more compact comfortable and safer concepts to Volvo.